When one touch can be deadly…

Dirty hands spread infections to vulnerable patients

Hand hygiene is a leading prevention method to reducing hospital infections but…

Most medical professions do not wash their hands with all patient contact…

This is where our Guardian Angel comes in...

We ensure hand hygiene with all patient contact

Introducing Artificial Intelligence Monitoring (AIM) for Hand Hygiene

SafeContact is a revolutionary healthcare technology company that is solving the Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) epidemic plaguing our global healthcare facilities.

We are solving this epidemic through the use of  Artificial Intelligence Monitoring (AIM) for Hand Hygiene (HH) with out Guardian Angel technology platform.

Our vision is “to be the industry standard and leading solution provider for mitigating and preventing Hospital based Infections world-wide.

SafeContact is the only solution in the healthcare industry that can truly track all 5 moments of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) My 5 Moments (M5M) framework. We track the M5M for HAI monitoring, prevention and compliance.


We are a groundbreaking technology platform and we are bringing the new standard in patient safety to the market.

We are passionate about protecting patients from unnecessary Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI).

We advocate hospitals to go beyond direct observation by infection control prevention staff and change hand hygiene behavior of healthcare workers through intelligent coaching.

We strive to make a big impact on global superbugs or MDRO (Multi Drug Resistant Organisms) epidemics such as MRSA, C. Diff.  that are threatening human existence.

We strive to make a big impact on global superbugs or MDRO (Multi Drug Resistant Organisms) epidemics such as MRSA, C. Diff.  that are threatening human existence.


We founded SafeContact because we have a personal connection with hospital acquired infections.  After our families had been deeply impacted by these infections, we came to realize that this was not out of the ordinary.


Unfortunately, hospital acquired infections like these impact millions of patients every year.

Even worse, as antibiotic resistance becomes more prevalent, Superbugs are making these hospital acquired infections both deadlier and more costly to treat.

Finding a better system for prevention of these infections became our mission.

We are the only solution in the marketplace that can truly protect patients from the deadly effects of HAIs.


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SafeContact‘s Guardian Angel solution provides 24/7 hand hygiene and patient contact monitoring with real-time feedback. Far surpassing any other solution in the marketplace.

SafeContact detects every time a medical staff member touches any surface, every time they wash their hands and every time they make contact with a patient providing real-time continuous feedback.

By creating sustainable, positive behavioral changes in hospital staff SafeContat reduces the transmission of infections and improves patient safety.

Patient safety is truly in your hands


Our solution offers health care professionals and health care administrators a game changing approach to allow them to actually combat the effects of HAIs. This will ultimately ensure patient safety is paramount by reducing the spread of HAIs in a healthcare setting.

Deadly germs are everywhere.  Thankfully, so are we…